Sell Your Car, Don’t Trade In

Written on:March 21, 2010
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Nine times out of ten if you sell your car yourself, you’ll get more money than trading it in. It might take a little work and a little time, but in the end you’ll be ahead hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Most people think they can just go to Kelley Blue Book(, look up their car, go to trade in value and thats what their local car dealer is going to offer.

Unless the dealer is taking you on a ride with the price of the car you’re purchasing, I highly, highly doubt you’re going to get KBB trade in value pricing for your car. There has been times I’ve purchased cars at dealer only wholesale auctions for well under trade in value and have sold the car for trade in value and sometimes I do have to pay trade in value, but at a car dealer they are thinking about maximizing profit. They think in terms of front end and back end profit. How much profit can they make off the car ? How cheap can they get your car so they can make a profit on that ? How much interest can they charge you ? Basically how much can they stick it to you :)
So now you’re wondering whats the easiest way to sell your car. Well the old school way of putting up a for sale sign generally is still a good way, but since Al Gore invented the internet it’s probably the best place to sell your car and find porn, but thats another story.

There are tons and tons of sites out there to post your car, so which is the best you ask, well it’s not an easy answer. It all depends on what kind of car you have, what area you’re in and how much you’re looking to spend. Here are three of my favorite sites to use:

1) Ebay.Com

2) Cars.Com

3) Autotrader.Com

If you don’t know which site to use or how much to price your car, feel free to e-mail is at [email protected] So next time you’re thinking about trading your car, stop, sell it yourself and get the most money out of your car.

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