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Looking to buy a new or used car ? Looking to sell your car ?

We’re just two guys who’ve been in the car business for longer than we can remember. We can give you advice, a second opinion or just steer you in the right direction. We aren’t going to sell you anything and we aren’t going to charge you a dime. We have a vast amount of information and access to dealer only information that can save you thousands on your next purchase.

For example:

* You’re buying a used car and are wondering if its a good deal

* You’re buying a car, trading yours in and don’t know if you’re getting ripped off

* You’re looking to buy a car, but just dont know what kind of car is right for you

* You’re looking to sell your car, but don’t know how much to ask

We’ll do our best to answer any of your car related questions, just e-mail us :)

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  1. We recently purchased a Chevy Aveo. It came with 189 miles, and is now at 750 miles.

    Tonight my wife was rear ended. It will require at minimum a couple thousand dollars to repair the damage. The entire rear bumper, and quarter panels will need to be replaced, as well as the front bumper due to the vehicle she was slammed into in front.

    Our question is, what should we ask for on depreciation? The car will never be worth what a “new” car would be. The adjuster will be here tomorrow and we want to go to the meeting knowing what is fair.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Wilbert says:

    I came accross this ad on craigslist PostingID: 497849840.
    Please let me know what you think and if there is something that I should be looking into before
    making a offer.

  3. David Gordos says:


    I’m planning to sell a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am GT, excellent condition, under 16,000 miles on the odometer. Would you please give me the selling price for the car? Thank you very much!

    I bought the car about a year ago and, at that time, was torn about what to do…..either buy the car and use the much older car as a 2nd/work/winter car or buy a cheaper car and be comfortable using it year round. Now I regret not doing this second option and am wondering now if you can suggest the best thing I can do.

    Best regards,

    David Gordos

  4. linda bev says:

    I am considering a 1998 jeep grand cherokee limited for my 16 year old daughter. it has 145,000 miles and the asking price is $4,000. Is this a decent deal? it is for sale by the original owners daughter who lives in my neighborhood. it has a little rust which has been attempted to be covered. otherwise it liiks to be in good condition. it has new tires and new transmission in 2000.

  5. laura says:

    Hi, I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy in June of 2005. Can you give me some advice about getting financed to buy a car?

  6. Donny says:

    2007 PT Cruiser limited with 8k miles for 13,988. Is that a good deal for Chicago land region?

    I’m getting ready to make a purchase but feel nervous as hell. Please give me some good advice.

  7. Mary says:

    my father co signed for me to take out my 05 mustang, i took it home that day since it was labor day weekend and bank request were pending, to make a long story short,when i took it back for detail and gas they let me know that the deal had gone through one of the banks but asked for my POI and i did but then they followed to ask for my husbands, since he’s military i couldn’t obtain it that day. I wasn’t able to take my car home, from what i understand because i didn’t get a POI for my husband. So if only my father and I are on the contract, why are they asking for my husbands info and why was that the reason i didn’t get my car back?

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