CarMax Accused of Hiding Car’s History

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As reported in this story in the New York Times, CarMax may have some trouble headed it’s way.

A judge in Maryland is currently looking into finding CarMax in contempt of court for it’s failure to abide by the terms of a 2008 class-action lawsuit settlement. The settlement in question ordered CarMax to provide a “clear warning” to customers when they were offering a vehicle for sale that had seen duty in a rental fleet. Read more…

CarMax Financing: A good deal?

Before customers walk into a CarMax dealership, they may wonder about their financing options. As the Federal Trade Commission points out, with the average price of a new car equaling approximately $28,000 and the price of a used vehicle equaling…Read more...

Should I sell my car to CarMax?

When it’s time to sell your next car you’ll have several different options available; you can sell it to a private buyer via an ad in the auto trader, your local paper or Craiglist, you can take it to a…Read more...

Carfax Report: How to read it

A CarFax report is basically a “background check” for a car or truck. Every vehicle has a unique vehicle identification number, or VIN, that is like a serial number. Many government agencies, as well as private businesses, like oil change…Read more...

Tips for Shipping a Car

One of the side effects of the success of websites like eBay Motors and is that many people are now buying cars that are far away from them.  This has created more demand for related services, like remote mechanical…Read more...

Carfax vs AutoCheck – Which is Better?

Carfax vs Autocheck Which One’s Better?: Before 1984, consumers were very much in the dark when buying a used car. Dishonesty was so rampant in the used car business that many decided buying new was the only way to be…Read more...

Car Sales Scam to Look Out For

A typical VIN tag
“Argh! I cannot even sell my car, because I don’t really own it”. What would you do if you bought your dream car, then after the sale find out that it’s been reported as stolen by the previous owner…and…Read more...

A little Driving Lesson in Lincoln

left:the touristy version
right: the reality
Think driving in your hometown is challenging?  I recently had a chance to take some driving lessons in Lincoln…a medium sized town in the UK.   You’re probably thinking it was the “driving on the right” that was a difficult…Read more...